What is a Slink-e?

The Slink-e itself is a hardware controller unit for communicating between a computer and your home or professional electronics equipment. It can

CD Jukebox

The most common use of the Slink-e is with our free CDJ jukebox software for the PC. There is a similar jukebox program for the Macintosh from RiverSong InterActive called TitleTrack. These programs enable you to automatically catalog your entire CD collection with the touch of a button and turn your Sony CD changers into a full featured jukebox system. CDJ will also catalog and play your MP3 files.

More Applications

Some Slink-e users have developed other applications for use with the Slink-e. For instance the MD Manager program let's you make custom MiniDisc recordings from your CD collection automatically. Check out our User Downloads section for more free programs.

Home Automation

With all of the capabilities of the Slink-e you can do more control of your electronics equipment. There are several ways to do this.

Automation Software Packages

The simplest way to do home automation is using a home automation software package like HomeSeer or Savoy Automation. These packages provide a graphical interface that allows you to do custom home automation.


The CDJ software provides a mechanism for doing some simple custom behavior called command mapping. You can do things like control the volume of your receiver from CDJ and even control CDJ and X10 equipment with a remote control.


If you are a programmer then we provide an ActiveX control interface to our software called SlinkX. This allows programs you write to use the Slink-e directly and communicate with CDJ for more complex custom operations.