Do you own lots of CDs? Do you wish you had a better, more creative way to hear exactly what you want, when you want? Maybe you have already gone out and bought a Sony 400-disc CD changer. How quickly did you become frustrated with the crude interface with which you have to program music and enter in artists and disc titles? Can your remember where all of the discs are? How about the shuffle play which seems to pick the most random pairings of songs you can imagine? What if you remove some of the discs and put them back somewhere else?

Now think of what you could do if your whole CD library was under computer control and you didn't have to type in a single piece of information about what the names of your CDs are, the lyrics, or where they are in the players. All of your CDs are identified automatically using a massive internet database containing over 2 million CDs - without ever having to remove the discs from the changer. You can design and save your own playlists, or do a shuffle play where you only hear music which matches your preferences. You can even attach album cover images and lyrics for each disc and track. This is what CDJ - The CD Jukebox is all about. Best of all, it's free (although you need to have a Slink-e to control Sony changers)


Screen shot of CDJ in action

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CDJ has a huge list of features which is constantly expanding. Click here to see the features in detail.

Wondering if the player you already own works with CDJ?