User Downloads

This area contains user contributed Slink-e applications and other files. These files are to be downloaded at your own risk, and we cannot provide any support for them. Please contact the author if you have any questions.


Program Size Date Author Description


MDManager hosted on another site William Hollingworth "MiniDisc Manager" program to work with the SONY MDS-JB920. Titling, etc.

Home Automation / Scripting

HASE hosted on another site Ian Cole The Home Automation Scripting Engine provides VBSCRIPT automation of the slink-e and other devices via TCP/IP Sockets

CDJ User Interfaces

PartyGUI 106k 3/30/00 Keith Alexander

Full screen graphical album / playlist selection app - makes for a simpler interface to CDJ which works well on your TV!

Screen Savers

CDSaver2000 73k 8/7/00 modified by Doug Phillips Updated CDSaver for Windows 2000
CDSaver 29k 4/30/00 John Woycheese Chaussy Laurent)
The screen saver does pretty much that for which people have been asking with regards CDJ: current song info (and image) and the next song info are displayed. 
SlinkySaver 54k 8/8/99 Marty Culbert Screen Saver

Web Interfaces

CDJReal 1.5M 1/19/00 Brooks Talley Web Page CDJ Controller / Real Audio Streamer


CDJ2CCF 3.4M 6/5/99 Jeroen Sonnemans

CDJ2CCF will take the CDJ Access Database and put the Artist and Title information on buttons in the Enclosed Master.CCF, which the correct IR commands to load the CD.

You can Merge the Generated CCF with you own Pronto Configuration files.

The app copies the CDJ datbase and display the entries that are longer than the 27 chars that fit on the Buttons. It  uses an exception database to automatically Replace names that are too long with names in the Exception database.

TotalControl 23k 3/22/99 Scott Gardner Multi-device file remote application which lets you map device commands to keys as well as execute less frequently used commands from a list.


GenIR 3.5M 4/16/01 Barry Gordon Tool for making Slink-e low-level files

Linux / OS Independent

Perl IR rx/tx code - 8/22/00 Brian Paulsen Port of Slink-e C++ classes to perl.
Python Slink-e Classes - 5/15/00 Rick Woudenberg It's a Python Class that handles Nirvis format .cde files allowing programmers to send codes. It also functions as a standalone program for learning and playing arbitrary codes.


CDJ Library Printer 29k 6/04/01 Bryan Aldrich Access database which has a Query and a Report. The Query brings the tracks and albums together into one table. The Report creates a compact printout of the entire library, listing all tracks for each album. Just export the query and report to your cdj database.
cdlabel 7k 1/8/01 Bruce Hodge CD label generator
CDJReader 36k 3/11/99 Tony B. CDJ Library file reader / album cover viewer / playlist generator.


IRHelper 192k 1/29/01 Jon Welfringer Delphi Example for Creative DVD Player
MouseEmu 77k 8/10/00 Thomas Humphrey Emulate a mouse on your PC using a IR remote control
DVDControl 9k 3/30/00 Matt Burleson Here is a VB program with source code that will allow one to control a Hollywood Plus DVD decoder with a remote. The program uses sonydvd.cde for input. You will have to program a universal remote to emulate a sony dvd player.
S-Link Controller 11k 1/12/99 Bryan Aldrich A cool system integration VB app which controls a number of S-Link and other devices, including a receiver, CD players and TV


mp3process 7k 6/21/01 Rich Boykin MP3 directory importer
mp3cdj 12k 1/8/01 Bruce Hodge MP3 crawler perl script to add MP3s to CDJ


IOTest 28k 3/15/01 Mike Miller For fiddling with digital inputs / outputs (requires VB runtime DLLs)
iterator 24k 3/11/99 Colby Boles Iterates IR / S-Link codes to help find new codes