Xantech Adapter

Driven by popular demand, we have start producing this new adapter which allows interconnection to all Xantech compatible IR products. This new adapter allows you to easily connect to your existing or planned Xantech IR distribution system using the same standard screw terminal block wiring format. The adapter enables your Slink-e to connect to any IR transmitters, receivers, keypads, or other devices installed within your Xantech system. Your Slink-e can now control any devices in your Xantech system through its existing wiring. The Slink-e can even emulate your Xantech keypads, allowing a smooth transition from manual control to computerized home automation!


6 independent Xantech bus compatible ports

  • 6 independently addressable zones
  • Multiple transmitters / receivers per zone

Each port is bidirectional

  • Transmit to Xantech emitters
  • Receive from Xantech receivers

Ports are optically isolated from each other and the Slink-e

  • Prevents ground loops
  • Reduces interference

Each port has a detachable 3 screw terminal plug

  • Fast, easy connection to you existing wiring
  • Xantech compatible pinout
  • Port powered by Xantech bus (not Slink-e)

Xantech is a registered trademark of Xantech Corp.