Slink-e Specs

Computer interface

  • Standard RS-232 communications - can work with any computer. Since most operating systems automatically buffer serial port data this means that no intensive software polling is necessary.

IR interface

  • IR receiver built into the unit
    • 40kHz carrier frequency (works from ~35-45kHz) - others available
  • 1 external IR emitter included
    • Stick on IR emitter can control virtually any IR device.
  • 1 Xantech compatible IR zone connection
    • Connect a network of IR receivers and emitters to the Slink-e for full two way computer control of you IR system.
  • 6 additional zones of Xantech compatible IR available with expasion adapter.

S-Link interface

  • Independent control of FOUR S-Link busses. 12 CD changers can be controlled with a single Slink-e.
  • Robust implementation of bi-directional S-Link communications. All four S-Link ports can sustain continuous transmission and reception of data with no errors in timing or data dropouts. IR signals can also be received simultaneously with no degradation in performance
  • Supports older Control-A format to allow transmission of IR remote codes over the S-Link bus
  • The Slink-e waits for periods of inactivity to transmit, preventing data collisions between S-Link devices

Control-S interface

  • Sony's wired-link version of their standard IR signals
  • One Control-S port is built in which shares resources with one of the IR ports
  • With electronics modifications it is possible to convert the other IR ports for use with Control-S for a total of 8 Control-S ports. This would allow control of 24 Sony VCRs.

Digital I/O interface

  • 6 digital I/O lines - individually configurable as inputs or outputs to allow control or communicate with other electronics circuits.
  • Two more I/O lines can be configured as handshaking lines to allow data to be latched in/out of the port
  • 100mA of 5V supply current for external circuits.


  • CDJ Jukebox software is available for free download on this web site.
  • Macintosh users should visit the TitleTrack website
  • For home automation software check out HomeSeer
  • ActiveX, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ source code examples are included in our full installation
  • Many of our users have also written software that uses the Slink-e for controlling other things like Mini-Discs. Look in our User Downloads section